As a service to our partner clinical sites, we are also happy to offer one-hour Inservices within the Lower Mainland*. Here are some samples topics:

  • Setting objectives for your student
  • Placements with Pizazz – using theory to make your learning experiences successful
  • Providing Feedback
  • The evaluation process and form(s) – do’s and don’ts
  • Interprofessional placements – what and how


Here is a sample Inservice topic:

“Help! I need feedback on my feedback”!

This highly interactive 3-hour workshop explores the thorny issue of giving feedback – to staff, to students and to peers and supervisors. We explore some basic principles, share collective wisdom from the group, and practice feedback skills in a safe environment. The content of this workshop will be helpful to supervisors and leaders, as well as anyone who has to provide feedback as part of their role. Everyone is welcome to attend.

If your team has a different/specific topic they would like addressed, we are happy to discuss it with you!
Click here to make your request or to book an Inservice.


*For sites outside the Lower Mainland, please get in touch with Sue via the link above. She is happy to make something work remotely!