Clinical Site Profiles: Viewing, or adding your site

In 2013 a search engine, Clinical Site Profiles, was introduced. It gives our MPT students a comprehensive look at the many public and private practice locations that might be available for a clinical student placement. Although inclusion in the list is voluntary, we are pleased to report that over 175 of our Clinical Site partners have provided profiles.

Curious? Click here to view our Clinical Site Profiles.

If you are a new site (are in the process or have completed a Student Placement Agreement (SPA) with us) we would be very happy to receive your site profile. We suggest taking a look at our current Site Profiles to get a idea of what has been written.

Once you are ready to go, head over to submit your site’s profile.

Another suggestion? Read through the submission form and its various sections first. For text-heavy areas, it’s a good idea to type up your text in a Word document first, then cut and paste into the submission form (technology can’t always be trusted 100% – better to have a backup copy in case of a computer hiccup!!).

Also, remember to upload a picture of your site or clinic. You can easily snap one on a phone if you prefer. We like to put a face to a name!