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We like to get out and about the province as much as we can, connecting with clinicians! In fact we normally hold an average of 4-8 free Clinical Educator Workshops throughout the year. We welcome both private and public practice physiotherapists to attend. Our workshops are designed for those new to taking students, those who are considering taking a student, or those who haven’t taken a student in a while and would like a refresher. Most often they are full-day workshops (e.g., 9 am-4 pm), but sometimes we organize condensed versions or small site/locations options, as dictated by need.

If you don’t see a workshop in your region, it might be because we held one within the last 9-12 months–however, if we can get enough PTs together (normally 5-6 minimum) we are happy to organize a workshop in your area. We aim to accommodate, and will work with you/your clinic/your community to come up with a solution; for example we can hold 3-hr condensed workshops at a clinic site for those private practice physiotherapists who can’t spare time during the day to attend. For more information on the workshops variations we can offer take a look at our Workshops Menu. Please get in touch with us and let us know you are interested.

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New clinical sites and Clinical Educators are always needed for our program. Please contact Karen Sauve (Associate Head, Clinical Education) if you have any questions about being a part of the Clinical Education Program.

2020 Calendar

The calendar is updated online when any new workshops are confirmed.    [Last updated: Nov 26, 2019]

If you are interested in attending a workshop listed below please scroll down to “Workshop Registration” (below) find the workshop, and click on the link to take you to the online registration form.

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JanVancouver (City Square, near VGH)
January 30

Workshop Registration

Workshops with open registration are listed here. Click on the workshop name to be directed to the online registration form.

Current open registrations:

Clinical Educator Workshop – Vancouver @ City Square location (January 30, 2020, 9:00-4:00)