Why take a student?

For those of you contemplating supervising a student on a clinical placement, here are some thoughts from current Clinical Educators…
Jocelyn Ross
Vancouver General Hospital ICU

Taking a physiotherapy student is a tremendous opportunity to enrich the clinical experience of both the student and preceptor, irrespective of the level of placement.

Every time I share my intense ICU practice with a student, we both come away with a unique and exciting experience in one corner of the physiotherapy world.  We both learn immensely from each other such that I come away having learned, questioned and explored more about my practice each time. Having a student lights the fire in the belly of the preceptor, keeps them practicing at the best practice level, and is an experience not to be missed

K Fuchko/E Durfelt-Williams Lake 1K Fuchko/E Durfelt-Williams Lake 2-horseElisabeth Durfeld

Private Practice Physiotherapist
Williams Lake Physiotherapy Clinic
Williams Lake, BC



As a clinic owner for more than 30 years; as a practicing physiotherapist for almost 40 years; as a proud UBC Graduate – I still appreciate and love my profession. I fully understand the need for ongoing learning, as well as I am able to recognize my knowledge base and experience, and where my “physio journey” has brought me.

In the last years, UBC students have brought their spark and “physio journey” into my clinic doors. Their interests, their knowledge, their insecurities, and their personalities are all so inspiring. They have given me renewed energy and inspiration to share my profession, not to mention the extra attention and care each patient gets and LOVES!

I truly applaud the UBC Faculty of Medicine – Department of Physical Therapy – they are sending “stellar” physiotherapists into the world! Each and every student is an enriching experience and I am proud to be a small part of their learning journey. I encourage fellow physio clinic owners to share in the “Student Experience.”

It is so rewarding, and is also a wonderful way to continue learning and affirming what we do. It is a small way of giving back to our profession.

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