Recognition Program & Awards


“If you light a lamp for someone else it will also brighten your path.”

A very large component of our MPT students’ program is Clinical Education. We, in turn, rely heavily on the cooperation and volunteerism of Physical Therapists across the province to provide clinical education experiences during six five-week placements throughout the 26-month program.

Taking a student requires preparation, supervision, evaluation, motiviation, patience and enthusiasm. We are so honoured to have so many Physical Therapists answer our call (for offers!) each and every placement.

Paying it forward is probably the biggest reward a Physical Therapist can receive, but we do listen to our Clinical Educators, and understand that it’s nice to be recognized for your efforts! We have two ways in which to show our appreciation…

The Clinical Educator Recognition Program (in conjuction with the PABC) is our way of saying thank you… with prize money!! Every time you supervise an MPT student on a clinical placement you earn points. When you have attained enough points for a certain draw level, we encourage you to submit an application. Draws are held twice a year for prizes of $300, $475and $1,000 (+ a 1-yr membership to the PABC with the top prize). Use the money towards continuing education, books, or whatever you like.

The Clinical Educator Award is a yearly award is designed to recognize excellence by clinicians in the education, supervision, and mentoring of our MPT students. Nominations are made by our students, for a Clinical Educator who has provided an exceptional experience on any of their placements. Recipients are acknowledged/presented with the award at the annual Physiotherapy Forum and are also highlighted on our website.


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