Contacts (Clin Ed)


Karen Sauve, BSc (PT), MSc
Associate Head, Clinical Education

T: 822-7413 | Email

As Associate Head, Clinical Education, Karen leads the Clinical Education Team. As well as having responsibility for the overall planning and direction of the Clinical Education portfolio, Karen prepares students for placements and provides a link between clinical sites and the department.

Jasmine Mason
Clinical Education Manager

T: 604-822-9498| Email

The Clinical Education Manager provides management and support to the Clinical Education team, coordination of key projects and initiatives related to Clinical Education and supporting capacity development of practice education.

Carolyn Andersson, Dipl T (Broadcast Comm.)
Clinical Education Officer

T: 604-827-5985 | Email

The Clinical Education Officer is responsible for multiple aspects of the portfolio, including: coordination of Clinical Educator workshops and special Clin Ed events (e.g., symposia), recognition programs, content management of our web pages, and production of the Clinical Education newsletter “Insight” and other marketing materials for the Program. She is responsible for the creation and oversight of all Student Placement Agreements with clinical sites. She also coordinates the Clinical Education PACE and CACE Committee meetings.

Ingrid Dill, BA
Clinical Placement Officer

T: 604-827-3315 | Email

The Clinical Placement Officer is the logistical coordinator of student placements (including the call for offers, and other paperwork required for each placement in BC, whether it be for our MPT students or Canadian/International students). Ingrid fulfills a vital role in keeping student placements running smoothly and ensuring that the sites are supported.


Robin Roots, BA, BHSc (PT), MSc (Rehab Sc)
Clinical Site Lead, MPT-North

T: 250-960-5684 | Email

As the Clinical Site Lead for the Master in Physical Therapy-North Program, Robin’s role is to create infrastructure and liaise with stakeholders to build a strong PT support network for our MPT program in northern and rural communities across British Columbia. She conducts Clinical Educator workshops, meets with current and potential sites, and implements activities for the MPT-North. She is the contact person for any questions about the clinical education program in northern and rural areas.

Shannon Norum
Administrative Assistant, Northern & Rural Cohort

T: 250-960-5806 | Email

The NRC Administrative Assistant works closely with Robin Roots, supporting all aspects of the program including placement logistics and support for students in the NRC.