WorkSafeBC: Incident Reporting Process


WorkSafeBC coverage is provided for all UBC Physical Therapy students while on clinical placement within BC.


  • WorkSafeBC requires students to complete a PT Student Health & Safety Orientation Checklist within 48 hours of arrival at a site, indicating that they are aware of safety procedures and have been oriented to that specific site. Clinical Educators will be asked by the student to sign the form to confirm that s/he has been orientated. The form must be scanned and returned via email to the Clinical Placement Officer.

How should Practicum or Clinical Placement Students report Accidents/Incidents?

If a clinical placement student has seen a doctor or has missed time from work as a result of a work-related injury/illness, the student must start a claim by calling the WorkSafeBC Teleclaim Contact Centre at 1.888.WORKERS (1.888.967.5377).

In addition, both the student and her/his supervisor must complete an online report on UBC’s Safety & Risk Services website. Links to each form can be found on their website. [Always check for the most current information on the SRS website.]

The supervisor and student must also inform the Department of Physical Therapy (Associate Head, Clinical Education or Clinical Placement Officer) that an incident has occurred.