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ACP pg 8ACP Assessment Tool

UBC MPT students are evaluated on clinical placement using the Canadian Physiotherapy Assessment of Clinical Performance, or ACP. This assessment tool replaces the Clinical Performance Instrument and the APP (Assessment of Physical Therapy Practice). The ACP is mandatory and one assessment must be completed for each student on each of their six clinical placements (assessment is done at mid-term and end of placement).

The ACP is completed online. Once a placement with a student is confirmed, preceptors will be provided access to the ACP system to evaluate their student.

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Here are various materials which support the ACP:

This comprehensive ACP Online Education Module

Information Sheets:

PABC Webinar
A webinar, presented by Anne Rankin and Robin Roots of the UBC Department of Physical Therapy, can be accessed via the PABC website. It includes PowerPoint presentation notes for the webinar, a link to the ACP Online Education Module, a copy of the ACP, and other resources.

Miscellaneous Placement Evaluation Forms

Evaluation of the ACCE by Clinicians and Managers of Affiliated Clinical Sites
This is an optional form for sites/educators to provide feedback to UBC.

Site Feedback form
This online form provides a venue for clinical sites and clinical supervisors to give confidential feedback to UBC about the Clinical Education Program overall.

NACEP Student Evaluation of Clinical Placement
This mandatory form provides constructive student feedback on the placement experience. It must be reviewed and signed by the student and clinical instructor at midterm and final evaluations.
[Note: This form is here for your information. Students access via their online portal, Canvas.]