Staff Directory

Support staff are the cornerstone of the administrative departmental operations. They provide administrative support to faculty members, students and the program.

NameTitleContact Information
Carolyn AnderssonClinical Education
Mehrnoosh BakhshayeshClinical Placement
Vicky ChenSenior MPT Program
Marie CummingsFinance
Ingrid DillClinical Placement
Amir DoroudianEducational Technology & Materials
Louis-Alexandre DouesnardAdmissions & Recruitment
Carissa DyckAdministration
Ana FerrazSenior MPT Program
Emma GallagherPTRC
Pedro Grossi
Classroom Support Program Assistant604-822-5953
Classroom Support:
Room Bookings:
Andrea HardakerAdministration
Becky HarnettMPT-N/MOT-N Administrative Lead250-960-5444 (located at UNBC)
Gary KujawinskiStudent Services

Rebecca LevasseurMPT-N Program Assistant - Student (located at UNBC)
Bowen LiFinance
Physical Therapy Programs
Jasmine MasonClinical Education
Rehana NanjijumaJEDI Implementation
Daniella PietrocarloAssistant to the Department

Keith Warner-HarderClassroom Support Program Assistant604-822-5953
Classroom Support:
Room Bookings:
Stacy WellsCommunications
Brenda WesselResearch Grants
Maria YapHR Clerk (MPT-FV expansion support)
Afton ZralMPT-N, Program Assistant - Classroom Support250-960-5113 (located at UNBC)
Dawn ZucchelliStudent Services