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Physical Therapy Program Expansion
October 17, 2019Bringing education closer to home for northern and rural students because we know that when students live and train in the North, they are more likely to stay and work in the North Read More >

Daunting Injury Provides Motivation to Help Others
October 17, 2019MSc student, Katie Attard working to improve the lives of those with neurological impairments Read More >

Lifting the Bar on Strength Training Behaviour Change
October 17, 2019Postdoctoral fellow, Jasmine Ma, tailors approaches to help people engage in physical activity. Read More >

A Warm Welcome to the North!
October 17, 2019Class of 2020 Masters of Physical Therapy and Northern and Rural Cohort (NRC) student, Eric Bennett, describes the warm and welcoming environment the NRC students experience during their training in the North. Read More >

Postdoctoral fellow, Sue Peters is examining balance one step at a time
October 17, 2019Sue Peters received her PhD in the Rehabilitation Sciences program at the University of British Columbia. Her PhD training took place in the Brain Behaviour Lab. Currently, Dr. Peters is a postdoctoral fellow in the Rehabilitation Research Program at GF Strong. Read More >

Up and Running, UBC Physical Therapy & Research Clinic
October 17, 2019Integration of research, student training and clinical practice co-existing in one space. Students, under the supervision of Clinical Faculty member Melissa Idle, are running community programs such as FAME, treating individual clients and partnering in research projects. Read More >

FAME for Neurofitness at now at the Physical Therapy and Research Clinic
October 17, 2019Fitness and Mobility Exercise (FAME) developed by Dr. Janice Eng fills a known gap in services for people with neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis or stroke. Read More >

Home Exercise to Reduce Falls in Seniors
October 17, 2019 Dr. Teresa Liu-Ambrose is studying whether a home exercise program is a practical and cost-effective intervention that can improve outcomes in older people who have had a significant fall. Read More >

The return of Alison Hoens in the position of Knowledge Broker
October 17, 2019Alision Hoens returns in her position as Knowledge Broker after two years on secondment to the BC SUPPORT Unit. Alison was named the 2018 Enid Graham Memorial Lecturer., the most prestigious award bestowed by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. Read More >

Faculty and Staff Updates
October 17, 2019As we expand we have added several new faces in the Department. Read More >

A resource for alumni reunion planning
October 22, 2018Wondering if your class is planning an upcoming reunion? Or want to plan something but need some help?  The alumni office is here to help.  They will help you with all aspects of reunion planning, event details, budgeting, class lists, etc. Check out their website for resources and the contact information for our Alumni representative. Read More >

The UBC Physical Therapy and Research Clinic: Update
May 21, 2019We anticipate opening our innovative Physical Therapy and Research Clinic in July. The clinic will be located in the same building where our students learn and study. It will provide our students with an enriched clinical placement opportunity as part of the Masters of Physical Therapy (MPT) Program and serve the community with provision of high quality affordable physical therapy care grounded in the best available evidence . Read More >

Jesse Charlton, MPT/PhD Student, Studying Osteoarthritis in the Real World
May 21, 2019Jesse Charlton is an MPT/PhD student in the Graduate Programs in Rehabilitation Sciences. His research investigates how people with knee osteoarthritis learn walking pattern modifications, and how the modifications are performed in the real-world. Read More >

Restoring Breath to the Breathless
May 21, 2019Michelle Schaeffer, competitive cyclist and post-doctoral fellow is researching ways to help people with fibrotic interstitial lung disease. Read More >

Klari Varallyai, Inaugural Recipient of the Lifetime Contribution to Clinical Practice Award.
May 21, 2019Klari Varallyai, has spent her entire professional career contributing to clinical practice. Read More >

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of a Student-Led Clinic within Fraser Health
May 21, 2019Some innovative thinking and advocacy fueled a proposal to re-instate an outpatient program at Royal Columbian Hospital with a twist - a physiotherapy service led by physiotherapy students on clinical placements. In partnership with the Fraser Health Authority a novel teaching and service delivery model was developed and opened ten years ago. Read More >

Belated Welcome to Marie Cummings
May 21, 2019Marie handles the details of financial processing, financial record keeping, and record retrieval for the Department. Marie also assists staff with diverse work projects, as required. Marie joined the Department in May 2018 as finance clerk before taking a leave of absence to care for her elderly mother who now lives with her. Prior to […] Read More >

Meet Incoming Assistant Professor, Jackie Whittaker
May 21, 2019Jackie Whittaker returns to British Columbia to join the Department and expand our musculoskeletal team. Read More >

Roly Fletcher Taking Lead in Pain Science Curriculum
May 21, 2019Roly Fletcher will join the Department on July 1 and will be taking a leading role in the pain science curriculum we deliver to our students in the Masters of Physical Therapy Program Read More >

Janet Lundie to Take Lead on Professionalism Curriculum
May 21, 2019 Janet Lundie will join the Department on August 1. She will lead the professionalism curriculum we deliver to our students in the Masters of Physical Therapy Program. Read More >

Faculty Service, an Under Recognized but Important Job.
May 21, 2019The Department is proud of the many hours our academic faculty members devote to service every year. Faculty members translate research knowledge by providing educational talks to various public groups, create resources for students and patient groups, advise governing bodies, mentor colleagues, review grant applications and publications and much, much more. Read More >

Masters of Physical Therapy Program Accredited to 2025
May 21, 2019We are pleased to inform the community that our Masters of Physical Therapy program received our accreditation award for six years – the highest possible – with no terms or conditions. Read More >

A resource for alumni reunion planning
October 22, 2018Wondering if your class is planning an upcoming reunion? Or want to plan something but need some help?  The alumni office is here to help.  They will help you with all aspects of reunion planning, event details, budgeting, class lists, etc. Check out their website for resources and the contact information for our Alumni representative. Read More >

Meet Samantha Smith, MPT class of 2018
October 22, 2018Samantha Smith is balancing her training as an Olympic athlete and physical therapist. Read More >

Applying lessons learned as an athlete to a profession in PT
October 22, 2018First year MPT student, Jasmine Mander is a former captain and midfielder for the UBC Thunderbirds women’s soccer team that won the National Championships in 2015. Read More >

Learn a bit about our newest faculty member, Dr. Courtney Pollock
October 22, 2018Dr. Pollock joined the Department in July 2018, her research lab is located in the Rehabilitation Research Lab at GF Strong. Read More >

Bridging the gap between research and clinical practice
October 22, 2018MSc Candidate, Sarah Weller is helping people with cancer reconnect with their bodies. Sarah is an Exercise Physiologist completing her MSc degree in the Rehabilitation Sciences program under the supervision of Dr. Kristin Campbell. Read More >

Northern and Rural students go on a Healthcare Travelling Roadshow
October 22, 2018Shayne Casey-Shaw and Nick Macdonald educate and inspire high school students in rural communities to consider a career in physical therapy. Read More >

Upcoming continuing education course: Pilates for the Older Person
October 22, 2018This course will discuss where Pilates fits into exercise guidelines for older adults and will demonstrate how to design a practical Pilates program for both healthy older adults and for special populations Read More >

Coming soon – The UBC Physical Therapy and Research Clinic
October 22, 2018A new clinic on the Point Grey campus that will provide rich clinical placement opportunities for students that will be integrated with research and foster interdisciplinary collaborations. Read More >

Demonstrating Value to Add Value
October 22, 2018Dr. Clayon Hamilton is a postdoctoral fellow, supervised by Dr. Linda Li.  He recently received a prestigious CIHR Health System Impact Fellowship. Read More >

A resource for alumni reunion planning
October 22, 2018Wondering if your class is planning an upcoming reunion? Or want to plan something but need some help?  The alumni office is here to help.  They will help you with all aspects of reunion planning, event details, budgeting, class lists, etc. Check out their website for resources and the contact information for our Alumni representative. Read More >

In memoriam, Dr. Donna Ford
October 22, 2018Dr. Donna Ford who taught Anatomy to UBC PT students for many years passed away at the end of July. We are thankful for all her contributions to UBC and the PT program. Read More >

Perceptions about Running and Knee OA: Survey Results
April 19, 2018Many in the general public rely on Physio’s for information on running and joint health. Do you know the answers? Read More >

MRSc student course and research work shapes cardiac rehabilitation care in the BC Okanagan
April 19, 2018During his MRSc course work Darrel Hagel became interested in ‘Group Medical Visits’ (GMV’s) as a service delivery model to better support people with chronic health conditions. Supported by his project supervisor, Dr Pat Camp, Darrel used qualitative research methods to investigate patient experiences following a GMV to support post cardiac rehabilitation. Their research findings will help further establish and improve this program in his health region. Read More >

Advice to new grads: Embrace the chaos!
April 19, 2018Tori Etheridge (nee Arca), class of 2014, passes along her experiences about both traditional and non-traditional work as a Physio. Read More >

Solving a murder mystery
April 19, 2018Bev Larssen, MSc, MPT/PhD Student, participated in an interactive crime scene investigation case to educate high school students in Chetwynd, BC. Read More >

Physical Therapists in Motion–A Student and Practitioner Mixer
April 19, 2018Join in our inaugural event. A fast-paced and fun event connecting our clinical students with alumni, potential future employers, mentors and others that make up the Physio community. Read More >

MPT student news and events
April 19, 2018Students want to connect with you whether by running, playing tennis, enjoying a beverage or mentorship. Read More >

Promoting Women in Science
April 19, 2018Dr. Lara Boyd and PhD trainee, Jen Ferris make an impression on members of members of parliament. Read More >

Faculty and Staff Update
April 19, 2018Alison Hoens is named the 2018 Enid Graham Memorial Lecturer, meet new faculty and staff and bid farewell to Anne Rankin Read More >

Northern Physiotherapy Day
April 19, 2018An opportunity for practitioners in the north to mingle with colleagues, learn and help shape the direction of organizations representing the PT community Read More >

Pulmonary Rehabilitation & Exercise Prescription: State of the Art & Science
April 19, 2018Pulmonary Rehabilitation & Exercise Prescription: State of the Art & Science will be coming to Vancouver (Saturday Sept. 22 and Sunday morning Sept. 23, 2018) and Prince George and Fort St. John BC (Saturday Sept. 22, 2018 via Videoconference distribution) Read More >

Neuroanatomy Refresher: From Bench to Bedside
April 19, 2018Neuroanatomy Refresher: From Bench to Bedside is back by popular demand and will be coming to Vancouver and Prince George Saturday October 27 and Sunday October 28, 2018. Read More >

From high performance sport to rehabilitation science
October 25, 2017During my time as a national team and varsity athlete, I spent countless hours of practice in order to improve skill execution and performance during competition. Factors such as practice schedules, sleep and nutrition were all considered in order to optimize our training and the learning of motor skills so that we could perform at […] Read More >

Running and knee joint health. What do you think?
October 25, 2017Whether you are a healthcare practitioner (any age) or not (aged 40+), please let us know your thoughts by completing a short survey (5-15 minutes). Read More >

Joys of Rural and Remote Practice
October 25, 2017UBC northern and rural cohort grads, Christina Conrad and Andrew Burkholder, along with current student, David Domes talk about the benefits of practicing in rural and remote areas. Watch the video produced by partner PABC. Read More >

Severe shortages lead to innovative solutions
October 25, 2017In an effort to increase the access to rehabilitation services in First Nations communities, UBC Department of Physical Therapy Northern and Rural Cohort Coordinator, Robin Roots has been offering a Rehabilitation Therapy Support Skills (RTSS) training program for First Nations communities in northern BC . Read More >

Alumni profile: Meet Maegan Mak, class of 2014
October 25, 2017Maegan Mak, class of 2014 and Kids Physio Group Paediatric Physiotherapist reflects on the benefits of being a Clinical Educator in a private practice setting. Read More >

Gilbert Park, class of 2013; Turning information into art and paying it forward
October 25, 2017Gilbert Park, class of 2013, turning information into art and paying it forward Read More >

Toolkit for Private Practice
October 25, 2017Private practice placements are in high demand. We have an interactive module that provides solutions to perceived barriers (day to day caseload management, an outline of academic exposure students will have undergone prior to arriving on placement, how the role as a mentor will evolve over a placement). Read More >

Physical Therapy Mentorship
October 25, 2017The Clinical Faculty Mentoring Pilot Program, a partnership between the Office of Clinical Faculty Affairs and UBC CPD, will launch this October, 2017. Read More >

RESEARCH RELAYS for rehabilitation practice
October 25, 2017Join these free one hour webinar sessions as MRSc graduates share their clinical research or literature review work. Topics this fall will be of interest to physiotherapists in paediatric practice and those working with rehabilitation assistants. Can’t attend live, or these topics aren’t applicable? Check out the archived sessions. Read More >

Walk, Run, Jump: News from the Class of 2018
October 25, 2017Catch up on the class of 2018 Read More >

Introducing new faculty and staff
October 25, 2017Get to know our newest members Classroom & IT Technician TJ Niu and Instructor and Neurology Stream Coordinator, Jean Cremin. Read More >

Tweets Tweaks and Strategy
October 25, 2017Department news Read More >

MPT Students in Kitimat, BC – a tribute to a great clinical placement, wonderful community, and beautiful city!
April 6, 2017A tribute to a great clinical placement, wonderful community, and beautiful city (Kitimat)! Read More >

Partnership to Expand Clinical Education and Provide Health Services in the North
April 6, 2017When it comes to working with patients living in rural and remote areas, face-to-face instruction, education, and follow-up sessions are not always possible. That’s why many rehabilitation specialists have turned to the growing field of telehealth — using methods such as video-conferencing or information packages — to help bridge the gap and link patients in […] Read More >

Online MRSc Program attracts learners from around the world
April 6, 2017Meet MRSc student Carmen Reed, a physiotherapist, owner and director of a multidisciplinary practice in South Africa, who is developing and implementing new programs based on her MRSc coursework.  Read More >

An Italian Physio’s journey to Canada
April 6, 2017PhD candidate, Alessio Galina’s interest in research brought him to a world class research lab at UBC to study the how pain might affect motor control. Read More >

Physio Forum April 22, 2017
April 6, 2017Join the Debate, see the award winners, and meet up with buddies April 22, 2017 Read More >

Precision Rehabilitation to Enhance Exercise Tolerance
April 6, 2017Reid Mitchell,MSc candidate is striving to understand the factors such as pain that leads to exercise intolerance.  Read More >

Catch up with the first year MPT class
April 6, 2017The students in the MPT 1 class are managing to do more than study. Read More >

Manual Therapy Certificate course 
April 6, 2017Now taking applications for our first cohort, the deadline for application submission is April 30, 2017. Read More >

Alumni Profile, Tyler Dyck (BSc, 1997
April 6, 2017As a grad with a head for entrepreneurship, Tyler founded medical centres in both Canada and in the Middle East. Read More >

Private Practice Toolkit
April 6, 2017A quick and easy resource for anyone involved in Private Practice interested in what it takes to have a UBC MPT student on placement Read More >

Peering into clinical reflections
April 6, 2017Reflections help students explore the possible ways in which their clinical experience could have been improved.   Read More >

Continuing education course offering: Vestibular Rehabilitation: A Comprehensive Introduction
January 26, 2017The Department, in partnership with the Northern and Rural Cohort and UBC CPD (Continuing Professional Development), is pleased to be offering a two-day hands-on, comprehensive, evidence-based introductory course titled, “Vestibular Rehabilitation: A Comprehensive Introduction.” The UNBC Physiotherapy Plinth Lab will host presenter Bernard Tonks, BScPT FCAMT, and the course will be linked to videoconference sites […] Read More >

New Graduate Certificate in Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapy
October 26, 2016Subject to University approval we hope to begin offering the Graduate Certificate in Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapy (GCOMPT) in the 2017/2018 calendar year. We anticipate, pending approval from UBC and the International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapy (FOMPT), that the GCOMPT will be available as part of the UBC MRSc online degree, which would grant learners Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy (CAMPT) status. Read More >

Alumni Elizabeth MacRitchie (BSR ’70) receives the 2016 Alumni Volunteer Leadership Award
October 26, 2016UBC Alumni Elizabeth MacRitchie (BSR'70) and her husband Donald (BSc'68, MD'70) will receive the 2016 Alumni Volunteer Leadership Award on November 1 at a ceremony celebrating alumni achievements. They have been active members of the Prince George community and have advocated for improved health care in BC – particularly in remote northern communities. Read More >

A bump for the UBC Rehabilitation Sciences Alumni Bursary
October 26, 2016Clinical Associate Professor and alumnus, Nancy Cho once again steps up to help students in the Masters of Physical Therapy program. Nancy led the establishment of a student bursary and recently provided leadership in fortifying the fund so that students in need can continue to get financial assistance. Read More >

MRSc leads to a journey of unforeseen opportunities
October 26, 2016When Karen Hurtubise (past CPA president) started her MRSc she was a clinical physiotherapist in Newfoundland. Her studies led her onto leadership roles, workplace improvements and teaching opportunities. Read further to see how far she is going now. Read More >

MPT student news
October 26, 2016Catch up on the activities of the MPT first and second year classes. Read More >

Fighting chemotherapy side effects with exercise
October 26, 2016Kelcey Bland (MSc student) investigating whether aerobic and resistance training can control peripheral and autonomic neuropathy development and progression as part of her Masters thesis project, "EXIT (Exercise Influence on Taxane Side-effects)" Read More >

Another clinical resource project completed; another one getting close….
October 26, 2016  Although the PT Knowledge Broker facilitated projects are diverse in topic and type, the common thread which unites them is the incredible quality and quantity of work undertaken by many dedicated partners. As the end of 2017 approaches, it is a perfect time to acknowledge the contributions of a small army of individuals who […] Read More >

A road into the doctoral program: Interest in a clinical technique – Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation
October 26, 2016Meet Lyndal Solomons, a PhD student who is investigating the effect of Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation on tendinopathy. Read More >

Collaborating for PT continuing professional development opportunities
October 26, 2016Jan Lowcock is working with all the physiotherapy professional bodies in BC to improve accessibility and participation in high quality Continuing Professional Development. Read More >

Meet new faculty and staff
October 26, 2016The Department recently hired two instructors and three staff members. Learn more about them. Read More >

In memoriam
October 26, 2016Remembering physiotherapy community members recently deceased. Read More >

Leadership Workshop
July 19, 2016The UBC Rehabilitation Science Online Programs and RehabEQ collaborate to bring you, Emotional Intelligence and the Rehabilitation Professional. Research shows that leadership is much deeper than technical skills; it is based in clear core values and beliefs and strong Emotional Intelligence. Read More >

UBC Physiotherapy Open Golf Tournament
May 16, 2016After a very successful pilot run last year, the student led Physiotherapy Open golf tournament will return July 27th, 2016! Located at the scenic Gleneagles Golf Course in West Vancouver, which is voted one of Canada’s best 9-hole courses. Thanks to Ladysport and FitFirst for their sponsorship. Win bragging rights and prizes for closest to […] Read More >

YWCA Women of Distinction Awards
May 3, 2016Two women with connections to the Department have been nominated for the YWCA Women of Distinction Awards this year. Vote now to support their cause in the Connecting the Community Award competition. Read More >

Team work(s)!: Optimising the physiotherapy approach for patients post breast cancer surgery
April 5, 2016This year over 3,400 women in British Columbia (BC) will be diagnosed with breast cancer. For the vast majority of cases, treatment starts with surgery. In the past 5 years, a team of frontline physiotherapists, plastic surgeons, researchers and leaders from Providence Health Care, Fraser Health and UBC Department of Physical Therapy have been collaborating […] Read More >

Physical therapy students gain new training venue in Prince George
April 5, 2016UBC physical therapy students will learn how to help heart and lung patients in the Prince George area regain physical capacity, thanks to a new program. Read More >

Congress Pub Night at “The Clubhouse” in the Strathcona Hotel – Hosted by PABC & UBC
April 5, 2016Join us May 26th from 8:00 to Midnight at the "The Clubhouse" in the Stratchona Hotel, just blocks from the Congress venue. Read More >

Developing a private practice toolkit
April 5, 2016Jonathan Coelho and I are creating a toolkit to identify the barriers associated with student uptake in private practice. Currently, there are too few placements offered to accommodate students. We are designing a survey to gain information from clinicians about their concerns associated with accepting students. As a physiotherapist working in a busy private practice, I see the need for […] Read More >

Physiotherapy Forum “Buddy-Up”
April 5, 2016PABC will be pairing physiotherapists and physiotherapy students with common professional interests for a two-hour informal hangout during breaks at the Physiotherapy Practice Forum on Saturday, April 23, 2016. The Buddy Program is a great opportunity to engage with your network and meet future colleagues. Please note that you will be able to attend all […] Read More >

Rehabilitation Sciences Job Fair 2016
April 5, 2016Are you looking to hire a new Physical or Occupational Therapist? The annual Rehab Sciences Job Fair will be held at the AMS Student Union Building on campus June 15th, and we are looking for clinics to showcase! The Fair includes presentations and information booths geared towards soon to be graduating occupational therapy and physical therapy students […] Read More >

Knowledge broker clinical tools, learning modules and news
April 5, 2016Have you ever wondered … How you can demonstrate that your treatment of a patient with a TKA or THA was effective? Which are the best outcome measures to track a patient’s progress? Whether it is OK to change any part of a standardized test (e.g. can the patient use a gait aid during the […] Read More >

Students on clinical placement in India
April 5, 2016Matt Redekopp and Mary-Anne Levson traveled to India for their 2B placements. They have shared their experiences at the Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Centre, part of the Samuha NGO. Read More >

Department Staff Update
April 5, 2016Welcome to Sandra Wintner in the role of Classroom and IT Support Technician who started with the Department in December. Sandra moved from Austria in 1997 and started working here as a web and media designer. She then trained and worked at a venerable www.front.bc.ca as an audio-visual technician and technical director. Since then, she has worked […] Read More >

First year students. twins, plaid, freaky Friday?
April 5, 2016Orientation week was a memorable start to our Masters of Physiotherapy journey. On top of a whirlwind of informational seminars, the MPT2 class did an admirable job at welcoming us to Friedman High. Events included a potluck, Wreck Beach bonfire, and an Amazing Race! It didn’t take long until the semester was in full swing. […] Read More >

Making a Difference
April 5, 2016At nearly 50 years old, Sandra Squire made the bravest decision of her career. It was hard; it took courage, but see how much she gained as a clinician and a person. Read More >

Alumni Reunion
April 5, 2016The OT/PT class of 1986, 30 Year Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy UBC Reunion.  Date:  The fourth weekend in May, 2016. The first decombined PT and OT class will be recombining to celebrate 30 years of professional and personal accomplishments.  As well as enjoying a meet and greet evening which including guests; participants will be enjoying tours of […] Read More >

Rising stars
April 5, 2016 Read More >

Diversity in Rehabilitation Science
April 5, 2016Laura Bulk is a PhD student in Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of British Columbia. She holds an undergraduate degree in anti-oppressive social work practice from the University of Victoria, and a Master of Occupational Therapy degree from UBC.   I am not the only person to have struggled deciding what to include in an entry to this newsletter (see Carmen […] Read More >

Changing stroke practice
April 5, 2016Dr. Louise Connell a visiting scientist hosted by Dr. Janice Eng will be coming to Vancouver in May and will present talks and meet with researchers and trainees on May 18th.  Dr. Connell, PhD, PT is a UK National Institute of Health Research senior fellow researching Knowledge Translation (KT) implementation in the United Kingdom (UK). The […] Read More >

Brigitte Raudzus Award established to honour the memory of PT alum
October 22, 2015We are saddened to learn of the passing of Brigitte Raudzus (UBC BSc Rehab 1966) on September 2. Born in Munich, Germany, Brigitte immigrated to Canada with her family in 1958. She graduated from Delbrook High School in North Vancouver and she went on to fulfil her dream of becoming a physiotherapist when she completed […] Read More >

Upcoming presentation: Therapy in China: lessons of a UBC grad
October 22, 2015Come listen and participate in the discussion and be inspired yourself! Video connections will be made to several locations in the Province. Read More >

Students excited about placements in southern India
October 19, 2015It’s official, our flights are booked and we are going to India! We are four VERY excited second year MPT students at UBC: Mary-Anne Levson, Rachelle MacDonald, Kate Shaw, and Matt Redekopp. In mid-February, we are completing our 2B placement with Samuha Overseas Development Association (S.O.D.A., www.samuha.ca) who supports Samuha Samarthya (www.samuha.org), an NGO in the rural area […] Read More >

Science in 60 seconds
October 16, 2015Jennifer Ferris is currently an MSc candidate in the Graduate Program of Neuroscience working under the supervision of Lara Boyd in the Brain Behaviour Lab. Read More >

TEDx Vancouver will feature Dr. Lara Boyd
October 15, 2015This year’s theme is Identity. Lara Boyd will tell the audience how to build the brain they want to have. Read More >

What is ‘Walk 10 blocks’?
October 14, 2015A great example of how a research/patient partnership can help improve health. Looking for people to beta-test an iPhone app that aims to help users to move more and sit less during the day. Read More >

Making a difference as a PT and a health services researcher
October 14, 2015Linda Li is passionate about making a difference in the lives of people with arthritis. She is an Associate Professor, Harold Robinson/Arthritis Society Chair, and Canada Research Chair at the Department of Physical Therapy. Linda also continues to practice as a physiotherapist at the Mary Pack Arthritis Program, Vancouver General Hospital. As an immigrant in […] Read More >

Growing Movement of Evidence to Practice
October 11, 2015Sue Stanton, Director, Rehabilitation Science Online Programs and Associate Professor.  Her interests and expertise is in distance and distributed learning, and the impact of the changing needs of learners for course design and delivery, faculty development and policies and practices in higher education. Examining evidence for its potential translation to practice is not new but […] Read More >

A Doctoral degree, just icing on a cupcake!
October 10, 2015    Carmen Sima is a PhD candidate in Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of British Columbia. She received her Master’s degree in Biology from the University of Victoria, British Columbia (2011). Carmen is originally from Romania, where she was trained as a medical doctor at the University of Craiova (1995). Her current research focuses […] Read More >

Alumni Reunion, Class of ’75
October 2, 2015The Class of 1975 reunited forty years after their graduation. Read More >

New faculty and staff
September 30, 2015New Student Services Officer-Amy Villablanca Amy joined the department in September having recently completed her Master of Archival Studies here at UBC.  Originally from the UK, Amy has lived and worked around the world including the US and Australia before coming to Canada 2 years ago. She has held student services positions at the Sotheby’s […] Read More >

Update on clinical tools from our knowledge broker
September 30, 2015I am happy to share the following updates regarding the following sample of Physical Therapy Knowledge Broker facilitated projects: 1. Achilles Tendinopathy Toolkit:  Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Alex Scott’s student Alexandra Kobza, the Achilles Tendinopathy Toolkit has been updated with key literature published since the release of the toolkit in 2012. In addition, […] Read More >

Mid-Career Renewal for Online Grad
April 14, 2015Returning to academic study almost 25 years after receiving my UBC BSc (PT) was daunting at first but with my children making their way to University, the time seemed right.  The UBC Masters of Rehabilitation Science (MRSc) online program appealed to me because it allowed me to start with the Graduate Certificate in Rehabilitation then […] Read More >

At the confluence of healthcare, education and technology
April 7, 2015I have long been interested in healthcare, in education, and in technology. How exciting to be at a point in history where there is a confluence of these three! While this might seem to be the case in the early years of the twenty-first century, a little reflection will show that there has long been […] Read More >

MPT Student News
April 2, 2015News from the MPT1 Class By: Pricilla Wong, MPT1Class Representative With exams right around the corner, every MPT1 student seems to be a bit more frazzled, tired, and consuming way too many cups of coffee. A feeling that we all know too well that has been termed PTSD – Physical Therapy Stress Disorder. Lucky for […] Read More >

WICKED…not the Broadway musical but better!
April 1, 2015West Coast Interprofessional Clinical Knowledge Evidence Disseminator We have begun filming our Virtual Cases which will help teach students the steps of evidence-informed health care (EIHC).  Five modules make up this web-based, interactive, simulated learning initiative which will educate students in the five steps of evidence based practice: 1.      Translation of uncertainty to an answerable […] Read More >

Celebrating five years of knowledge brokering
April 1, 2015It is hard to believe that the Physical Therapy Knowledge Broker position was launched over five years ago. Looking back to May of 2009 it was impossible to predict what the position would look like let alone what the outcomes would be five years later. 327 people have participated in PT KB facilitated projects and […] Read More >

Yoga, Neuroscience and Physical Therapy
March 20, 2015Katie Wadden is a PhD candidate in the Brain Behavour Laboratory she is on a non-traditional career path toward becoming a Physical Therapist. Read More >

Strengthening the Body Strengthens the Mind
March 20, 2015Teresa Liu-Ambrose focuses on defining the role of exercise to promote healthy aging and prevent cognitive and functional decline among seniors. Read More >

Join us at the Physio Forum April 25, 2015
March 3, 2015Once again we look forward to participating an this interesting and fun event, the largest gathering of Physiotherapists from throughout the Province. Read More >

Neuroanatomy Refresher: From Bench to Bedside
February 18, 2015Expert instructors, Tara Klassen, Lara Boyd and Claudia Krebs will provide evidenced based bench to bedside content that will improve your practice. Read More >