Simone Gruenig

Simone Gruenig, BSc, MSc, PT



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Simone Gruenig serves as an instructor and course coordinator in the MPT Program. Simone Gruenig teaches primarily in the cardiorespiratory streams of the program, as well as in the pathology, women’s health, palliative care and residual limb modules. From 2007 – 2020 she was allocated to the Cardiorespiratory stream coordinator position, and since 2020 is currently the Indigenous stream coordinator. In 2015 the Faculty of Medicine awarded her the honour of: Award for Excellence in Clinical Faculty Teaching. Her responsibilities in the Department include developing, monitoring and instructing the primary cardiorespiratory modules, and fulfilling the duties of the Indigenous stream coordinator position. She coordinates and/or teaches in the following courses: PHTH 514 – Clinical Practice I; PHTH – 524 Clinical Practice II; PHTH 521 – Pathology for Physical Therapy II; PHTH 531 – Pathology for Physical Therapy III; and PHTH 564 – Clinical Practice VIa. She is also the primary cardiorespiratory instructor in the Internationally Educated Physiotherapists Exam Preparation Program. She chaired the Indigenous Initiatives Advocacy Committee from 2017 – 2020 and was part of the Admissions and Program Committees from 2007 – 2021.  She now resides on the following committees:  Indigenous Initiatives Advocacy Committee, MPT Curriculum, and MPT Instructor.


The majority of Simone’s time is dedicated to teaching and the coordination of the cardiovascular stream for the clinical program.


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Co-author and author of 3 case studies in the book:

Reid, D., Chung, F. (2004). Clinical Management Notes and Case Histories in Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy. Thorofare: Slack Incorporated.

Other Professional Activities

Simone frequently provides continuing education to the clinical community in B.C. and through out Canada. She provides acute and critical care courses independently and through the cardiorespiratory division of the CPA.