JEDI News & Learning Opportunities – July 2022

JEDI Working Group Launched and Early Activity 

The Department of Physical Therapy’s newly formed JEDI Working Group officially got off the ground at the end of February, with members who’re passionately contributing their diversity of voices, experiences, identities and expertise from the UBC PT community across UBC-Vancouver, UNBC and beyond!   

Since launching, the working group dove into a JEDI visioning process, informed by a needs assessment conducted by Rehana, JEDI Implementation Coordinator, from Fall 21’ – early winter 22’. The Working Group is currently deliberating and creating a future JEDI vision and recommended strategies for the department to build on existing strengths over the immediate to longer-term.  

The Department is energized and proud of current JEDI Working Group members who’ve stepped up: Deeksha Srivasta- alumnus & NRC 2021 grad, Taru Manyanga, Naznin Virji-Babul, Rouhollah Mousavizadeh,  Linda Li, Jordan Guenette Daniella Pietrocarlo, Robin Roots, Marie Cummings, Reid Mitchell, & Sue Murphy; lead: Rehana Nanjijuma. 

Health Professions Summer Program  

This is an exciting first initiative that members of the Department’s JEDI Working Group and Admissions Manager, Louis-Alex Douesnard, are collaboratively organizing with Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy (OSOT) colleagues and other health professions. 

On Aug 8 – 12, a group of health professions education programs hope to strengthen the appeal, understanding and awareness of PT, OSOT, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Dentistry career paths, especially among high school and undergrad students self-identifying from equity deserving groups (EDGs). 

We’re excited to be engaging our PT clinicians, PT Students Society, and Northern Rural Cohort alumni to inspire and support the future generations of PT and health providers as they consider preparing to apply to UBC health professions education programs. 

Indigenous Strategic Plan (ISP) Self-Assessment Discussions  

The Department’s staff, faculty, and clinicians have been participating in facilitated group discussions to assess DPT’s progress and accountability towards UBC’s Indigenous Strategic Plan through a Self-Assessment process led by Simone Gruenig  (Instructor, Indigenous Stream Lead, and member of the Indigenous Initiatives Advocacy Committee (IIAC)) in collaboration with other IIAC members.

The discussions are providing an enriching collective learning opportunity about Indigenous Ways of Knowing Seeing and Doing (IWKSD) guided by Simone’s facilitation and story-telling allowing the department teams to engage with the ISP goals. 

These learning discussions are laying the groundwork to formulate a department-specific action plan, in line with UBC’s imperative response to ensure the human rights of Indigenous people, per the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People (UNDRIP), Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Report (MMIWGR), and In Plain Sight. 

New UBC JEDI & Indigeneity Resources 

  • UBC’s ARIE Task Force releases (April 2022 report) 
  • 54 overarching action areas are recommended for Anti-Racism and Inclusive Excellence throughout the UBC community, of which 7 are already underway UBC-wide. These are being considered in forthcoming DPT JEDI strategy recommendations, in development by the JEDI Working Group. 
  • Download Full report 
  • Executive Summary with a useful glossary of terms 


  • Strengthen understanding of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI):   
  • Positive Foundations Course –launched on Canvas for all members of the UBC community. Enrol with a CWL  


Un/Learning & Engagement events  

  • Connect with IBPOC Stem Network: Women and gender-diverse faculty, staff, postdocs and graduate students  


  • Learning event highlighting Indigenous scholar & settler collaboration: 
  • Webinar & Fireside Chat- Walking with the Arthritis community on the path forward toward Truth and Reconciliation 
  • July 22, 12 – 1:30 pm – registration