Join us at the Physio Forum April 25, 2015

Once again we look forward to participating in this interesting and fun event, the largest gathering of Physiotherapists from throughout the Province. Department members will be in attendance and speakers at this year’s Forum include faculty and alumni members. Nancy Cho will again be there with the Faculty of Medicine Alumni representative to engage former students of our program and provide information about the perks of the Alumni card. Carolyn and Ingrid from our Clinical Education team will be on hand in the Shaughnessy Salon to connect and answer any questions you  might have about supervising a student, becoming a clinical site, the new assessment tool, and more. Our current students in the clinical program will once again be participating in ‘buddy-up’, a half day mentorship programed designed to connect students to practicing clinicians with similar areas of interest. This is a great opportunity for students to gain insight into their future role as clinicians and also for clinicians to stay abreast of what is currently being taught in the program as well as connect with potential future employees/colleagues.