Updates for Applicants

It is the responsibility of the applicant to monitor this page for the most up-to-date information pertaining to the admissions requirements for the MPT program.

For the 2018 Application, there has been the addition of a required written question to be submitted to the application by the January 15th document submission deadline. 

The question can be found at Written question- MPT program September 2018

For the 2018 Application to the program, please note that we will no longer allow the reuse of reference or practical experience letters from a previous application to the MPT program.

All applicants to the program, including those who have applied previously, must submit an updated reference letter from both academic references, and an updated practical experience form.  The department will not allow the reuse of a letter from a previous application.

For the 2018 Application to the program, please note the change in the application deadline date.

Domestic applicants to the MPT program must now submit an online application NO LATER than  11:59 pm on January 5 2018.  We will not accept a late application for any reason.

All documents (academic and practical experience reference letter, prerequisite form, proof of residency (if required), all official transcripts, Supplemental application fee, etc) MUST be received by 11:59 pm on January 15 2018.  Late documents, etc will not be accepted for any reason.  Applicants are responsible for ensuring that referees have submitted documents by the deadline.

For the 2020 Application to the program, please note the change in prerequisite requirements.

For application to the  MPT program starting in 2020 (application to open in September 2019), Physics 12 will no longer be acceptable. Applicants must take the equivalent to UBC PHYS 100 (or higher) in order to meet the prerequisite requirement.  A final mark of 72% (B) or higher is required.

General Updates

  • Beginning with the September 2016 entrance, the Department of Physical Therapy will accept up to 8 international students per year into the Master of Physical Therapy program. More information about the application process for international students can be found on our International Applicants page.
  • Starting from the 2015 admissions cycle for the September 2016 intake, UBC courses IHHS/SPPH 300, 301, 302, 400 (now SOWK 451), 401, 404, 406, 407, 409, 410 and 411 will no longer be used towards an applicant’s Competitive MPT Admissions GPA Calculation if these courses fall within the most recent 30 credits of upper level courses taken.

Updates made to the MPT Admissions requirements for the September 2016 intake

  • Chemistry prerequisite: The Master of Physical Therapy application will no longer require applicants to submit a Chemistry course as a prerequisite requirement.
  • English prerequisite: The Department will require all applicants to have an English General course (3 credits) prerequisite.  The course must have an assessment of reading, writing and essay composition. This course must be taken at University or College level in order to be acceptable for application.  A minimum of 72% is required.
  • AP/IB credits: Applicants who have completed approved AP exams and/or IB credits, and who have achieved the minimum scores listed in the chart below, may use these credits to satisfy the prerequisite requirements for English, Physics, Psychology and Statistics . If AP or IB credits are to be used to satisfy a prerequisite that will be used in the calculation of the admissions GPA,  the percentage conversion of these scores will follow the conversion charts provided by UBC Enrollment Services.

SubjectMinimum AP score Minimum IB score
English 45, Higher level
Physics 46, Higher level
Psychology 45, Higher level