Neuro curriculum stream coordinator
work phone: 8270077

Tara’s teaching focus is on teaching neurological clinical skills  as well as instructing in and coordinating the neurological case based week in the MPT program.

Tara frequently provides continuing education to the clinical community through her continuing education presentations.  She also reviews articles for publication in the Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy.

The majority of Tara’s time is dedicated to teaching. She is currently funded by CIHR for her doctoral studies in the Rehabilitation Research Lab supervised by Janice Eng.

Articles Published in Refereed Journals
1.    Mulroy SJ, Klassen T, Gronley JK, Eberly V, Brown DA and Sullivan KJ.  Gait Parameters associated with responsiveness to a body weight supported treadmill training program in individuals post-stroke:  An exploratory study.  Phys Ther 2010 Feb;90(2):209-23

2.    Sullivan KJ, Brown DA, Klassen T, Mulroy S, Ge T, Azen SP, Winstein CJ; Physical Therapy Clinical Research Network (PTClinResNet).  Effects of task-specific locomotor and strength training in adults who were ambulatory after stroke: results of the STEPS randomized clinical trial.  Phys Ther. 2007 Dec;87(12):1580-602.

3.    Sullivan K, Klassen T, Mulroy S.  Combined task-specific training and strengthening effects on locomotor recovery post-stroke: a case study.  J Neurol Phys Ther. 2006 Sep;30(3):130-41

Conference Presentations with Refereed Abstract
1.    Klassen TD, Mulroy S, Sullivan KJ:  “Gait parameters associated with responsiveness to a
task-specific and/or strengthening program in individuals post-stroke” (APTA Combined Sections Meeting, February 2006

2.    Klassen TD:  “The use of body weight supported treadmill training in the clinical setting”
(APTA Combined Sections Meeting, February 2006)

3.    PTClinRes Net Research Team  “Patient Perspectives and Quality of Life: Early PTClinResNet Outcomes”  (APTA Combined Sections Meeting, February 2006)

4.    Klassen TD:  “Use of Body Weight Supported Treadmill Training for the Patient with Significant Multi-System Impairments”
(APTA Combined Sections Meeting, February 2005)

5.    Sullivan KJ, Klassen T, Mulroy S:  “Task-specific training and strengthening effects on
locomotor recovery post-stroke:  A case study ” (III STEP:  Linking Movement Science and Intervention, July 2005)

6.    Klassen TD, Sullivan KJ:  “Body Weight Supported Treadmill Training in the
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