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Peering into clinical reflections
April 6, 2017Reflections help students explore the possible ways in which their clinical experience could have been improved.   Read More >

Continuing education course offering: Vestibular Rehabilitation: A Comprehensive Introduction
January 26, 2017The Department, in partnership with the Northern and Rural Cohort and UBC CPD (Continuing Professional Development), is pleased to be offering a two-day hands-on, comprehensive, evidence-based introductory course titled, “Vestibular Rehabilitation: A Comprehensive Introduction.” The UNBC Physiotherapy Plinth Lab will host presenter Bernard Tonks, BScPT FCAMT, and the course will be linked to videoconference sites […] Read More >

In memoriam
October 26, 2016Remembering physiotherapy community members recently deceased. Read More >

Students on clinical placement in India
April 5, 2016Matt Redekopp and Mary-Anne Levson traveled to India for their 2B placements. They have shared their experiences at the Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Centre, part of the Samuha NGO. Read More >

Department Staff Update
April 5, 2016Welcome to Sandra Wintner in the role of Classroom and IT Support Technician who started with the Department in December. Sandra moved from Austria in 1997 and started working here as a web and media designer. She then trained and worked at a venerable www.front.bc.ca as an audio-visual technician and technical director. Since then, she has worked […] Read More >

First year students. twins, plaid, freaky Friday?
April 5, 2016Orientation week was a memorable start to our Masters of Physiotherapy journey. On top of a whirlwind of informational seminars, the MPT2 class did an admirable job at welcoming us to Friedman High. Events included a potluck, Wreck Beach bonfire, and an Amazing Race! It didn’t take long until the semester was in full swing. […] Read More >

Making a Difference
April 5, 2016At nearly 50 years old, Sandra Squire made the bravest decision of her career. It was hard; it took courage, but see how much she gained as a clinician and a person. Read More >

Alumni Reunion
April 5, 2016The OT/PT class of 1986, 30 Year Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy UBC Reunion.  Date:  The fourth weekend in May, 2016. The first decombined PT and OT class will be recombining to celebrate 30 years of professional and personal accomplishments.  As well as enjoying a meet and greet evening which including guests; participants will be enjoying tours of […] Read More >

Rising stars
April 5, 2016 Read More >

Diversity in Rehabilitation Science
April 5, 2016Laura Bulk is a PhD student in Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of British Columbia. She holds an undergraduate degree in anti-oppressive social work practice from the University of Victoria, and a Master of Occupational Therapy degree from UBC.   I am not the only person to have struggled deciding what to include in an entry to this newsletter (see Carmen […] Read More >

Changing stroke practice
April 5, 2016Dr. Louise Connell a visiting scientist hosted by Dr. Janice Eng will be coming to Vancouver in May and will present talks and meet with researchers and trainees on May 18th.  Dr. Connell, PhD, PT is a UK National Institute of Health Research senior fellow researching Knowledge Translation (KT) implementation in the United Kingdom (UK). The […] Read More >

New faculty and staff
September 30, 2015New Student Services Officer-Amy Villablanca Amy joined the department in September having recently completed her Master of Archival Studies here at UBC.  Originally from the UK, Amy has lived and worked around the world including the US and Australia before coming to Canada 2 years ago. She has held student services positions at the Sotheby’s […] Read More >

Update on clinical tools from our knowledge broker
September 30, 2015I am happy to share the following updates regarding the following sample of Physical Therapy Knowledge Broker facilitated projects: 1. Achilles Tendinopathy Toolkit:  Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Alex Scott’s student Alexandra Kobza, the Achilles Tendinopathy Toolkit has been updated with key literature published since the release of the toolkit in 2012. In addition, […] Read More >

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