VIP Recognition deadline approaching

Remember, if you are eligible you have one month left to submit an application to for our fall draw in the UBC PT VIP Clinical Educator Recognition Program. You could win a GREAT cash prize, as a token of our appreciation for your involvement as a Clinical Educator to our MPT students.

Every time you supervise an MPT student on a clinical placement you earn points. When you have attained sufficient points for one of our three levels we encourage you to submit an application for a draw at that level. We will enter your name in the next two draws. Draws are held each year in March and October.

  Cobalt You have attained 300 points within the last 3 years
(equal to 3 full-time student placements)
  Sapphire You have attained 500 points within the last 5 years
(equal to 5 full-time student placements)
  Royal You have attained 800 points within the last 8 years
(equal to 8 full-time student placements)
$1,000 + 1-yr PABC membership*






*Dues paid courtesy of PABC. Current value: $310.50

Please keep in mind that years are counted from the current year back, e.g., if you are applying for the Sapphire category you must submit points for the LAST FIVE YEARS, which includes this year – so relevant years would be 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011.

Click here for full information and the online application.

Apply by the fall draw deadline of Thursday, October 1st. Good luck!!